From the past until now, Fried snakehead fish is known as one of most popular Vietnamese Fish Recipes. When I was young, I always saw my mother and aunts cooked this dish, no doubt that time, fried snakehead fish was extremely my favorite food, because of the crisp of fish skin and the fragrant of fish meat and garlic.
Fried Snakhead Fish (Ca Qua Chien Xu)
If you try this one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes like this dish, you will impress with the taste and crisp of fish meat. To know how delicious fried snakehead fish is, let us following our step below now:
Fried Snakehead Fish (Ca Qua Chien Xu)

1 snakehead fish (1kg-1,5kg)
A loaf of bread
Some garlic, scallions
Cooking oil, MSG, seasonings, and salt
Vegetables, rice paper, and fish sauce.


Step 1: preparation:
- Wash Snakehead, make it dry.
- Use Knife fishing areas on the body of snakehead.

- Marinated snakehead with spices, pepper and salt as needed.

- Slice bread in thin pieces.

- Flour blends with water.  Dip fish in flour, put on the tray.

Step 2: Fry snakehead (this step is the most important to make one of Vietnamese Fish Recipes like this dish delicious and crisp).
Fried Snakehead Fish (Ca Qua Chien Xu)
- Waiting for hot oil, add snakehead on pan, when hot oil again, set lower heat, when the snakehead is gold, and the fish skin is crisp, increased heat to avoid stagnant oil in fish, after about 1 minute, take out them.

- Fry chopped scallions with hot oil, and then pour them on the surface of fried snakehead.

Step 3: Presentation:
- Lay fried snakehead on dish, decorate with some cilantro on top, and sprinkle cornmeal stick to one class, and thin class on snakehead. Click Vietnamese Dipping Fish Sauce to make sauce for this dish.
To sum up, you can use with tomato sauce or chili dipping sauce. So you have got delicious fried snakehead fish already. To increase the flavor of this dish, you should use with vegetables, and roll them by rice paper. This dish is the most recommendation using in family meal or party with friends. Hope you have a good appetite. And do not miss our next posts if you love Vietnamese Fish Recipes.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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