This week, I will introduce one special dish from Vietnamese Fish Recipes. It is Grilled snakehead fish. This recipe is very popular in South Vietnam. The process is very simple and the material is finding easily. If you visit Vietnam, you should not miss this dish.
You can order this dish in restaurant or you can follow this recipe to make by yourself. Moreover, you just need 30 minute to follow 2 steps of this recipe to make a wonderful dish from Vietnamese Fish Recipes. And if you want to provide more vitamins for skin and health, this recipe is the good way to apply.


- One snakehead fish
- One sticks about 30 cm
- Vegetables
- Basil
- Banana
- Mango
- Cucumber
- Carrots
- Green onion.

Step 1:
Wash vegetables, basil, banana, mango, cucumber. Then, you sliced banana, basil and cucumber to a thinly piece. Organize vegetable and thinly sliced banana, basil, carrot, green onion and cucumber into a dish.
Step 2:
Wash the snakehead fish. After that, thrust the fish with a long stick from mouth to tail. Next, bury fish in haystacks and burn. The burning is about 20 minute. When fish cooked, scrape off scales which were scorched. Now you can enjoy  this dish which is one great dish from Vietnamese Fish Recipes.
How to serve:

You can roll the meat with dry pancake and vegetable, basil, banana and cucumber which were sliced. Grilled snakehead fish recipe is very simple but the taste of dish is very delicious. If you love rice, you also can use this dish with one hot rice bowl and Vietnamese Soup.
Finally, this recipe combines between fish and vegetable as a rolling dish. As a result, the flavour of this recipe can satisfy almost people even the people who don’t like grilled dishes. Next week, we will introduce to you another amazing dish from Vietnamese Fish Recipes. Hope you like it and do not miss our next posts. See you next time.  

 From Vietnamese Food Team.

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