I learnt one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes from Christine Ha – The Master Chef US in season 3. It is called Peach Tea Recipe (Trà Đào). For who loves this fruit, peach tea is another way to enjoy, especially in summer days. Moreover, tea leaves have many benefits, one of them is keep your skin is healthier and younger. Such an interesting drink, don’t you think?
Peach Tea Recipe (Trà Đào)
Peach Tea (Trà Đào)
After made one of Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, it will bring a little sour and sweet flavor when you enjoy it. It is also quite simple in processing. By follow my instruction below, I bet you can create it right after that.


5 – 7 small tea bags
1 liter hot water
2 – 4 peaches
80g white sugar (depend on your flavor)
Ice cubes.


Step 1: Soak tea bags in hot water and wait about 8 – 10 minutes.

Peach Tea Recipe (Trà Đào)
Step 2: Peel off the skin of peaches (quantity: 3), slice thinly and do not use seeds. Mix them with sugar and wait more 10 minutes.
Peach Tea Recipe (Trà Đào)
Step 3: Bring this mixture to grind well. Make sure it becomes a smoothie mixture before bring to mix with tea water. Here is also the only important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.
Peach Tea Recipe (Trà Đào)
Step 4: Mix mixture in step 3 in tea pot in step 1, take away all tea bags; stir well.
Peach Tea Recipe (Trà Đào)
Finally, one of Vietnamese Dessert Recipes is finished. It is really quick for making this dessert right? Before serving, pour this drink on glass jar, put in fridge to get cold. When you want to enjoy, you can add more ice cubes and some sliced peach to decorate. Hope you will love it and have a happy summer.
Peach Tea Recipe (Trà Đào)
From Vietnamese Food Team.


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