About entertainment in Vietnam, I have talked many times about the fantastic and beautiful of our  culture. However, I did not mention too much about festival there. Therefore, in this article I will concentrate on all of festival in Vietnam. The tourists can see and choose which festival is the most fantastic and impressive to enjoy.
In this post, I will tell some entertainment in Vietnam like festivals for you. Firstly, I want to talk about Lunar New Year Eve. Even Vietnamese people use calendar as well as the western people in their daily life; they take lunar year to determine the festival and New Year.

1. The Lunar New Year Eve in Vietnam (Tet Nguyen Dan)

It started at the first day of Lunar Year. This is the greatest event of Vietnamese people. They will have 6 day off the work and study or anything. This is the time that families member stay and enjoy the happy time together.

The elder will give a gift (mostly is red envelope contains a little money) to children, kids or the young man to wish them having a good things in the future. On the other hand, the younger will wish the health to the elder. The main dish in these days is Banh Chung. One of most delicious cakes of Vietnamese.
2. Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival (Le hoi choi trau Do Son)

This is traditional event of fishermen at Do Son, HaiPhong which is one of big five cities in Vietnam. It begins on August-9 of lunar year. This festival is representing the bold heroic martial of art and courage. The buffalo is lost will be sacrifice to the Water God.

For preparing, the local’s people have to look for the buffalo for many months before the event. The buffalo need to be strong, beautiful skin, black jaws, trap hair….In 2012; the festival attracted nearly 30,000 tourists.
3. Mid-Autumn Festival ( Tet Trung Thu)

It is called as an event for children. On the August-8 of lunar year, the children will receive the gift (lanterns or moon cake) from the elder. At this time, the moon is closest to the Earth and it is very beautiful. Every people will set a party to enjoy the beauty of the moon.

Moreover, in recent years, Vietnam has celebrated more festival to attract the big number of tourists. In my opinion, these new festival are more attractive than other traditional festival. Firstly, they are celebrated more organized, structured and beautiful. Secondly, the cities which are opened having many activities and hotels for tourists enjoy and relax.
Moon Cakes - Most Popular Dish on this festival
4. Firework Festival at Da Nang

It started in 2009 and then opened annually at Da Nang. The fireworks will be shot by 5 nations that won in their continent. At there, you can see and enjoy the outstanding, impressive and fantastic performance of 5 teams playing in front of Hàn River which is the most beautiful river in Da Nang. Moreover, there are many activities such as live music in the city, traditional dance, singing together and playing traditional games.

Moreover, to serve the tourists more convenient, the city built one international airport and hotels. These buildings are designed beautifully, fashionably and providing good services. This is one of spectacular entertainment in Vietnam for foreign tourists.
5. Kite flying festival

During Vietnamese history, kite flying is a traditional game that is played on some starting day of spring and summer season. The traditional kites are made by the paper which is taken from the newspapers or notebooks. This style of kitesare usually played in one day due to the children usually try to take the other kites down. It is so exciting when seeing other kites are lost control and drop down.

In the festival, however, the kites are made by artists. These kites usually have dragon or phoenix form. They are so extremely beautiful. The people come here not only see the beauty of kites but also they want to see their childhood through these kites.
One Kid is playing with his kite.
6. Flower Festival at Da Lat

This festival is a chance for the city presenting and exhibiting the local flower as well as the flower from other cities and provinces not only in Vietnam but also the flower from other nations. This festival is an event of nation stature. It started in 2005 and continued occurring now. From December 31 2011 to January 3 2012, the event attracted more than 300,000 visitors.

To sum up, there still have many other entertainment in Vietnam which I will show you more on next posts. Hope with this post, you can get enough information about Vietnam, our beautiful country. Have a safe flight and an amazing trip.

 From Vietnamese Food Team


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