Today, I will introduce one stunning dish from Vietnamese Noodle Recipes. It is Vietnamese Bamboo Shoots and Chicken Noodle Soup. This recipe is very popular in Vietnam because it quite easy to cook and very delicious. Moreover, the flavour of chicken and bamboo shoots make this dish become wonderful.
The recipe just has 6 steps to create the dish. All 6 steps is quite simple and do not need a lot of time. Follow 6 steps below to create one special dish of Vietnamese Noodle Recipes for your family meal.


- 500g lean chicken
- 300g dry vermicelli
- 100g dried bamboo shoot
- Spices: salt, pepper, wedge nuts and laksa leaves.


Step 1:
Soak the dried bamboo shoot into water until it become soft. Then, wash the bamboo shoot again. Boil the bamboo shoot in short time.
Step 2:
Thinly slice the bamboo shoot. Then, marinate the bamboo shoot with salt, pepper and wedge nuts. 

Step 3:
Wash the chicken. Then, boil the chicken with a little salt. When the chicken cooked, bring it out. Tear the chicken become small part.

Step 4:
Dry the bamboo shoot until cooked. Then, wash the vermicelli and boil it until cooked. With me, this step is rather important, if you boil too much, bamboo will be too solf and decrease the flavor one of stunning Vietnamese Noodle Recipes like this dish. I suggest you can boil about 5 tp 10 minutes enough.

 Step 5:
Boil the broth from boiling chicken. Add the bamboo shoot, salt, pepper and wedge nuts into the broth.
Step 6:
Added the vermicelli into bowl, organize chicken and laksa leaves on the top. Lastly, add the broth into the bowl.
Finally, Vietnamese Bamboo Shoots and Chicken Noodle Soup are great for breakfast. You can eat this dish with vegetable and chilli. In addition, the broth is easy to bring out. You can bring broth to your company and enjoy it at break time. If you hate fast food, this recipe from Vietnamese Noodle Recipes is good choice. See you next time and Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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