Boring with your daily meals? Do not know what to cook today? No worries longer. Here is one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes I want to show you. It is called Pork Heart Soup with Red Radish (Canh Tim Heo Hầm Củ Cải Đỏ). As you may know, Pork Heart is really nourish foods contain a lot protein, which is very good for people’s health, especially your kids. Together to create many stunning and healthy meals for your beloved family. I think with this way, you can make your relationship in family closer and closer.
Pork Heart Soup with Red Raddish (Canh Tim Heo Hầm Củ Cải Đỏ)
So, are you ready to cook? There are 3 steps to make this recipe. Moreover, all steps are easily. You just need 15 minutes to create it, which is one amazing dish from many Vietnamese Pork Recipes. Please follow our instruction below creafully.

1 pork heart
5 potatoes
8 red radishes
2 purple onions
Fish sauce, pepper, and salt, cooking oil
Cilantro, cleaned and chopped

Before cooking, I want to remind that you should follow our steps below carefully to create one of Vietnamese Pork Recipes more delicious.          

Step 1:

- Clean pork heart, slice into vertical. Marinate it with fish sauce and pepper.

- Peel off the cover of potatoes. Then, wash it with red radishes and slice them into big pieces. Before cooking, you should soak sliced potatoes into cold water to make sure they will not be livid.
Step 2: Peel off the cover of onion and then slice into fibres. Add Cooking oil into pot, wait to hot and fry minced purple onion until fragrant. Next, add sliced pork heart into pan and continue to fry about 3 - 5 minutes. Add more sliced potatoes and radishes into the pot, fry about 5 - 7 minutes. Then, season with maggi’s stuff, sugar and salt to suit your flavor. Pour water in a pot (2 - 3 bowls), wait to boil and then set low heat, simmer until potatoes and radishes become soft. (Do not cover the pot).
Step 3: Before turn off the heat, season again to suit your flavor, add parsley on face of soup.
Pork Heart Soup with Red Raddish (Canh Tim Heo với Củ Cải Đỏ)
Finally, your dish is ready to serve. I suggest you should use this dish when it is hot. Eating with boiled rice is perfect, especially in cold days. This is also a good dish for covering every member in your family gathers together to eat on the weekend. I believe this dish will make your meals become more wonderful. Good luck for your cooking and do not miss our next posts about Vietnamese Pork Recipes tomorrow. See you soon.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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