Many Vietnamese Pork recipes require you should use much time to cook one stunning dish. However, if you are busy person and do not have enough tme to cook meals for family, I suggest you should try at least once time to make Sweet Roasted Pork (Thit ba chi ram ngot).
This dish is really simple and easy to cook. Moreover, when you combine with boiled rice, it will create a stunning flavor in your mouth. Now, let us follow these ingredients for making one of Vietnamese Pork recipes for yourself and family.


300gr Bacon pork
Spring Onion
Salt, Sugar, Pepper.

Process (about 15 – 20 minutes)

Step 1: You slice bacon and spring onion about 1 cm.
Step 2: Boil oil and put bacon into pan about 3 minutes. Then you add 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon sugar, fry about 5 minutes to absorb all spices.
Step 3: Continue fry frequently. You can add more a little sugar if you love it. Not like other Vietnamese Pork recipes, this dish is required using more sugar than salt.
Step 4: Fry until bacon tunrs brown yellow, add sliced spring onion and turn off the heat.
Finally, you can serve this dish for your family and do not spend so much time to cook. Sometimes, you can change the usual flavor for your family, it will create a joyful feeling in meal more than boring daily ones. With one of easy and delicious Vietnamese Pork recipes like this dish, I hope will bring a strange wind on your daily meals. Good Luck.

From Vietnamese Food Team

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