In such hot weather like these days, it is hard to consume hard stuffs in your daily meal. How about something fresh, nutritious & easy to consume? Vietnamese Food Team recommends you this dish – Chicken Soup with Fresh Bamboo Shoot (Súp Gà Măng Tươi) which is one of our lists of Vietnamese Soup Recipes. This dish is not only tasty, but also really good for health. And if you are getting diet, here is a good dish for eating in breakfast and lunch.
One hot chicken soup bowl with clear, sweet taste from the soup, chicken meat, fresh bamboo shoot combines with the enchanting smell of ginger make this dish is so irresistible. So are you ready to make one of our delicious Vietnamese Soup Recipes with us? With only 6 simple steps and you can enjoy this dish with your family and friends.


2-3 chicken legs
150g of sliced fresh bamboo shoot
2 eggs (Only use the white parts)
2 teaspoons of wheat flour or corn starch
1 small ginger
2 bowls of bone stewed broth
Salt, Maggi’s stuffs, Sesame Oil, coriander, pepper.


Step 1: Wash the bamboo shoot, put it in the stove and boil in 5-7 minutes, and then wash with cold water so that the bamboo shoot would not be too sour. Let it dry naturally.

Step 2: Clean the chicken legs, boil it quickly then take it out and soak in iced water in 5 minutes, then take it out on a plate and use your hands to tear the chicken meat.
Step 3: Wash and mince the coriander. Stir the flour with 2 spoons of water until it is absolutely absorbed. Peel off the ginger’s skin and slice it. Take the egg whites and put into a bowl, use the chopstick to stir it.
Step 4: Add the torn chicken with bamboo shoot and ginger in the stove, add boiled chicken soup in step 2 and boil them all again.
Step 5: Boil in 10-15 minutes, adjust with salt, Maggi’s stuffs until you taste it as you wish. Continually, add the egg white in step 3 in the stove, use the chopstick to stir it gently followed the clock’s circle so that the egg white will become thin lines like the picture provided.
Step 6: To finish one of our Vietnamese Soup Recipes, you need to add the flour in step 3 in, use the ladle to stir gently, adjust the taste. Turn off the heat to add the minced coriander in.
Finally, you can serve Chicken Soup with Fresh Bamboo Shoot (Súp Gà Măng Tươi) with a little bit of pepper, sesame oil on the surface and mix them all when eating. So how do you think of one of our amazing Vietnamese Soup Recipes? It is really easy to make right? Vietnamese Food Team hopes that you could make it for you and your family to add some new flavours to your daily meals. Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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