Ong Choy with Tamarind Soup (Canh Chua Rau Muong) is one of stunning Vietnamese Soup Recipes. In the Western Viet Nam, many people uses it like a main disg of everyday. They use it with boiled rice. The combination of tomato, tamarind sauce and Ong Choy will bring you the strange taste, but strongly delicious.
Ong Choy with Tamarind Soup Recipe (Canh Chua Rau Muong)
If you want to cook, there are 4 steps to cook one of impressive Vietnamese Soup Recipes. The instruction we provide to you is very easy and simple, just doing all the steps we give, you will have a delicious dish for your family.


1 bunch of Ong Choy
2 Tomatoes
50gr Tamarind
Cilantro, spring onion
Bean sprouts
Spices: Salt, sugar, fish sauce, pepper


Step 1:
Young Ong Choy picked up tops, cut into short parts. (4cm)
Tamarind filters to get sour water (Soak tamarind into 100ml hot water to have sour water).
Spring onion slice small
Tomatoes cut into 6 pieces for each.  Rinse and drain.
Step 2: This step is the most important to cook one of amazing Vietnamese Soup Recipes more delicious. Let us do this carefully.
Place the pot of water on stove, tasting spices, waited for it boil, add Ong Choy into it
When soup boiling, add tomatoes sliced ​​into.
When Ong Choy cooked soft, infused spices, add tamarind sauce, bean sprouts, cilantro, scallions, turn lower heat. When the soup boils, then turn off the heat.
Step 3: Ladle soup into bowls and eat with steamed rice.
To sum up, you just finished one of stunning Vietnamese Soup Recipes. Use this dish with your family will bring amazing feeling for all. Moreover, the combination of all these ingredients of dish will help you dispel fatigue, bringing relaxation to your mind. So, let you try to do this amazing dish right now. Wish you have a great meal. And Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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