From many amazing Vietnamese Soup Recipes, today I decide to introduce one delicious soup to you. With this dish, you can eat in rainy days or hot days are still good. It is Taro soup with Baby Pork Back Rib (Canh Khoai Sườn Non). Many Vietnamese people usually cook this soup for their families, especially for kids. Easy to eat and easy to cook.
Taro Soup with Baby Pork Back Rib (Canh Khoai Suon Non)
There are 4 steps to create this soup which comes from many delicious Vietnamese Soup Recipes. Moreover, you just need about 30 minutes to process. Now let us cook now


- 2 - 3 taro
- 300g Baby Pork Back Rib 
- A few branches of scallions
- Some branches of vessels, leek
- Maggi’s stuff, salt, pepper.


Step 1: Baby Pork back Rib cut in pieces to suit your taste, washed, add pork ribs into the pot with a little salt, add cold water to cover the ribs with chopped leeks and boil them, stew until ribs are soft.

Step 2:

- Taro peel off the cover, wash, and cut to fit your taste.
- Onion, vessels wash, and chop.

Step 3: This step is important to create any stunning dish from Vietnamese Soup Recipes.

- Boil the water with pork ribs. Sometime, you shoul remember to scoop dirty bubbles out the broth. To make it more clear and look delicious. Cook about 20 - 30 minutes.
- Next, Add taro  on pot, seasoned spices, and boil until taros are soft.

Step 4: Turn off the stove; add vessel sand scallions chopped. Scoop them on a bowl, sprinkle with a little pepper on the surface, used as soup served with rice.
Taro Soup with Baby Pork Back Rib (Canh Khoai Suon Non)
Finally, your dish is ready to serve. You can eat the soup with boiled rice. Sometime this soup can use with the bread. Moreover, the taro soup is good for your health, because taro contains some vitamins which necessary for health. This dish will make your meal become more wonderful. So, are you ready to cook? Hope you like it and do not forget to visit our website to see more dishes about Vietnamese Soup Recipes. See you next time.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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