Bac Lieu Province (Tỉnh Bạc Liêu) situated in the Mekong River Delta. When you told About Vietnam, here is the place you should not miss out. It shares its border with Can Tho City and Soc Trang Province to the north, the East Sea to the south, Ca Mau and Kien Giang provinces to the west. Bac Lieu has many large rice paddies and fertile land, which make a good condition for fruit tree planting.
Tourism and economy:

Bac Lieu Town is on side of Bac Lieu Canal, 10km from the sea. Bac Lieu residents grow rice, fruit trees, catch seafood and make salt. Bac Lieu used to play importance role in exploitation and developing of French colonialists so that the province has existed several western-style villas and palaces. Coming there, tourists have more knowledge about very rich and popular Bac Lieu Mandarins. And they can visit the Bac Lieu Bird Reserve, unforgettable taste longan gardens, Viet Hung old Tower, Xiem Can Pagoda or discover mangrove cajeput forest.

Food Culture:

Bac Lieu is well known the city which has much spicy food like Hue City. So, the visitors should be careful when eating there. I will introduce some spicy food that you need to consider when decided eating them. One of them is spicy beef noodles. The cooking of this dish is similar with the well-known Hue beef noodles. However, there is one different here. The spicy beef noodles of Bac Lieu is extremely spicy that there are little people can taste it. I drank two bottles of water at the first bite. My tongue could not stand at the end of this dish; I gave up in just one minutes of eating it.


If you cannot eat the spicy food above, you can choose another food that is easier for eating like turnip cake. This cake is from China; however it is really popular in Bac Lieu right now. The cake is made by the flour mix with turnip. The pork and dried shrimp is put inside to get tasty. You can eat it with some herbs and special sauce of Bac Lieu.
Come to Bac Lieu, to expand not only your view but also enjoying the delicious food there.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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