Located on South-Central Vietnam, Quang Ngai Province (Tỉnh Quảng Ngãi) borders Quang Nam on the north, Binh Dinh Province on the south, Kon Tum Province on the west and East Sea on the east with 135km seaside. Here is one of popular places About VietnamThe province is surrounded by Truong Son Mountains on one side and the East Sea on the other. As a result, the topography includes mountains, plains, seaside and offshore islands. The main rivers are Tra Khuc, Tra Bong, and Ve rivers. 

The rain season lasts from September to December. It is hot between April and August and the weather is cold from January to March. Annual average temperature is 260C. 


Quang Ngai is famous for the cultural vestiges of Chau Sa Citadel, Ong and Mai Son pagodas. The beautiful landscapes are An Mountain, Thien An Mountain and Tra Khuc River, Co Luy Commune under coconut trees, Sa Huynh and My Khe beaches. 

Sa Huynh Beach is well-known with clear water, golden sand and pine trees. My Khe Beach is the most beautiful beach in Central Vietnam. It has fined white powdery sand, gently waves and poplars forest. Coming to there, tourists have chance to visit old battlefields with popular names like Ba To, Tra Bong, Ba Gia, Van Tuong and Son My.
In 2012, 4 best delicious Food of Quang Ngai are accepted in Vietnamese Guinness. They are Don, mirror candy with peanuts, braised Trà’s goby and Trà Bồng cinnamon.In 4 of these foods, I just had chance to enjoy mirror candy with peanuts. This candy is made by sugar and it has transparent color that you could see through the candy.
Be careful when you eat this candy, I advise you first that you will be addicted by it due to the candy is really delicious. Quang Ngai is a province which is not popular about tourism; however it maintain some monuments of history. So if you want to know more about Vietnam, you need go there.

From Vietnamese Food Team.


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