Sports in Vietnam were not well organized under the French rule, but Vietnamese sports have started improving and promoting since 1975. It is since that year Vietnamese sportsmen participated in many international sports competition and events. Today, sports arebridge to connect millions of people of all ages. You can easily see the kids take karate course or two old men are playing badminton in the park.
Sports in Vietnam
Karate Sport
Vietnam games are a wide area that involves a number of sports like football, cycling, boxing, swimming, tennis, aerobics, judo, karate. Football is the most popular sports in Vietnam; you can see variety mini football fields in the cities, provinces or villages. Most Vietnamese people will not sleep on almost football events; they come to the coffee shop, pubs or restaurants for watching the football match. In case of the national team win the match, they will go around the city and cheer and screaming out all the night.
Sports in Vietnam
Judo Sport
Vietnam still keeps engaging in the traditional Chinese sports such as table tennis (ping pong), badminton or mini-soccer. It also takes some sports from other nations around the world such as judo, karate or taekwondo. These sports are very popular to the youth in Vietnam. On the other hand, tai chi and table tennis are choice of the elderly. The country has number of sports club and center training for the training sportspeople.
Sports in Vietnam
Ping Pong Sport.

Sports in Vietnam
Badminton Sport
The Vietnamese sports hold a high rank in chess, kungfu and shooting. The prominent player and Great prominent players honor were awarded to many Vietnamese chess players by the International Chess Federation.
Sports in Vietnam
Vietnam has a long coast line which is near 2121 miles. This is a good condition for water sports likes snorkeling and scuba diving sports. Vung Tau and NhaTrang are two popular destinations to play these water sports. In the beautiful countryside, hiking and horse riding are popular to the tourists.
Sports in Vietnam
Snokerling in Nha Trang.
There are some sports in Vietnam which I want to introduce for you. Hope you will have an amazing trip in Vietnam and do not miss a chance to join any sport here. Good Luck for your trip.
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