Da Nang City is well known a nice sea city which has a lot of fantastic sea food and Small Sharks Dip Vinegar Sauce (Cá Nhám Nhúng Giấm) is assessed as a Best Vietnamese Food. If you have a chance to visit here, make sure you and your family will not miss it.
The Da Nang’s fishermen see sharks’ meat as a precious food which has a high level of nutrition. In the past, the sharks’ meat is used as medicine to treat some disease like diabetes and increase the energy for men. The sharks’ meats are available every day, and they are soft, sweet and little bone. So the fishermen and chefs in the restaurants can make many interesting and attracting meal from them. The Sour Soup Share is aromatic and fuming that customers cannot hold back desire to enjoy it.
Dried sharks’ meat are soaked in the rice’s water and then cut into small pieces before frying them on the hot oil pan. There are many way to cook the shark, each of them is so tasty. In my opinion, however, the sharks dip vinegar is the best choice. There have been many customers come there to just enjoy this Best Vietnamese Food.
To make this Best Vietnamese Food well; you have to choose the fresh meat, slice them horizontally and then marinated them with ingredients like ginger to reduce the smell of the meat. The making of vinegar sauce is also difficult; the chefs have to collect the head of the shark and boiled them in some minutes.

When water is boiled, take only the water and put them into the vinegar pot and add some coconut water to have a tasty flavor. Next, boiled the vinegar again and then add the pieces of the sharks’ meat into the pot. The sharks dip vinegar dish is not only delicious because of the fish’s meat but also the subtle mixing of ingredients and vinegar.

To sum up, most of restaurants in Da Nang have this Best Vietnamese Food in their menu. So, enjoy it when you come to Da Nang. Hope you will not miss this dish and have a happy trip with your friends and family in my beautiful country.

From Vietnamese Food Team.


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