Almond Tofu with Lychee Sweet Soup is also known as one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. The sweetness and cool when you eat this dessert, it is suitable for hot summer days. Moreover, you can make it at home. It is not necessary to go out for eating. Its flavor is still amazing as well.
Almond Tofu with Lychee Sweet Soup (Che Khuc Bach).
It is easy recipe for you to follow. There are 4 steps to cook one of delicious and cool Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. If you are ready for cooking, please follow our instructions below:


-250gr whipping cream
- 250gr fresh milk
- 1 canned of lychee (or label, peach, or fruit)
- 10ml almond oil
- 200gr sugar
- 580ml water
- 25gr of gelatine powder
- 25gr sliced ​​almonds.


Firstly, I want to tell that you should follow step by step carefully to make one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes more cool and delicious.

Step 1: Gelatine powder mixed with 80 ml ​​of water, wait in short time to hatch all gelatine and tunnel them until dissolve.
Step 2: Cook syrup: 500ml water + 100g sugar make it cool, refrigerated.
- Almond slices roasted until quite gold, make it cool, sealed into the jar to keep the crispness.
- Whipping cream + milk + 100g remaining sugar and stir, take them on stove, cook in small heat and constant stirring to become hot milk but do not boil. Add gelatine. When sugar dissolves, add almond oil and poured into molds. Let it cool and put it in the fridge waiting for freeze.
Step 3: Use corrugated knife slice almond tofu into small parts. Mix the almonds, lychee and sugar cooked, scoop out a cup, sprinkle some almond slices on top, eat them in cool.
Almond Todu with Lychee Sweet Soup (Che Khuc Bach)
So, your dish is finished now and ready to serve for your family and friends. I ensure that this amazing sweet soup also the best choice for you to have a wonderful days.  Good luck with your cooking and do not miss our next recipes about Vietnamese Dessert Recipes tomorrow. See you soon.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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