Beans jelly with coconut milk and ice is one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. As you may know, the combination of some kind of beans and coconut milk bring an unforgettable flavor for everyone. This dish is very popular in the South Vietnam. You can be easy to find it in everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City like supermarket, vendors or the hawkers.
Do you interested in one of Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this dish? It is easy and you can do it well. I am sure about that. Let us cook Beans jelly with coconut milk and ice now.


-Green Beans: 100g
- Black beans: 100g
- White beans: 100g
- Red beans: 100g
- 500g sugar candy, 500ml coconut, 30g starch flour, a little salt.


I suggest you should follow these steps carefully and you can make Beans jelly with coconut milk and ice from Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Go ahead.

Step 1: Add all the beans in boiling water, soak for 2 hours, remove beans, add them in cold water, take on the stove stew until beans cooked and soft.
Step 2: Sugar candy cook with ½ liters of water, skim sludge.

Step 3: Coconut soaked in warm water, squeezed juice.
Step 4: Put the coconut milk into the pot, turn on the stove to boil, pour the flour, and stir the mixture of water, moderately thick, seasoning salt to taste slightly salty.
To sum up, you have done an stunning dessert already. When eating adds beans in a glass, pour syrup and coconut milk. Serve hot or cold up to you. Eat Beans jelly with coconut milk and ice with your friends on the weekend; it is also the best plan for you. Hope you cook this dish successfully, and do not forget to follow our next recipes about Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Good luck for your cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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