Hyacinth Bean Sweet Soup Recipe (Chè Đậu Ván)is one of popular Vietnamese Dessert Recipes in our country. It is also simple for cooking. This dish is originally come from Huế city. 

Hyacinth Bean Sweet Soup Recipe (Chè Đậu Ván)
Hyacinth Bean Sweet Soup (Chè Đậu Ván)
In summer, you can eat it with ice. And in winter, you can serve when it is hot is all delicious. It is really simple to process and tasty. You should show how good you are in cooking for all members in family seeing. When you are ready, feel free to follow my instruction below to create one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Let us start cooking right now, ok?


300g hyacinth beans
Brown sugar cubes
Pandan leaves (50g)
6 teaspoons tapioca starch
½ teaspoon vanilla starch.


Step 1: Soak hyacinth beans in cold water (cover all beans) and bring to cook until it boils. Then, wait for 1 night.

Hyacinth Bean Sweet Soup Recipe (Chè Đậu Ván)
Step 2: Next day, bring to clean and spread out all covers of beans. If you see any bean floats on water, take it out because of its bad quality.
Step 3: Clean well again and bring to steam until they are soft. Here is the important step to create one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.
Step 4: Cook water (3 – 4 bowls) with brown sugar cubes (depend on your flavor) and a little salt until it boils. Next, add pandan leaves into pot (tie like a bunch before adding into pot).
Hyacinth Bean Sweet Soup Recipe (Chè Đậu Ván)

Step 5: Mix tapioca starch with 100ml water, pour slowly into mixture in step 4, use wood spoon to stir well and gently. When it becomes thicker is perfect.
Step 6: Now, you add steamed hyacinth beans into mixture in step 5, stir gently to make sure these beans will not be broken. Season again to suit your flavor and turn off the heat, add more vanilla starch and stir gently.
Hyacinth Bean Sweet Soup Recipe (Chè Đậu Ván)
Finally, you already finished one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes from my mom. The southern people love eating it with coconut syrup, including me. So, you also can make for more one step to create this syrup. All ingredients you need are coconut milk, sugar, tapioca starch and pandan leaves. It is so interesting, right? In cold days, you can serve when it is hot. However, you can eat with more ice in summer days. How convenient it is. Hope you will love it and good luck for your Cooking.
Hyacinth Bean Sweet Soup Recipe (Chè Đậu Ván)
From Vietnamese Food Team.


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