Have been working outside under the sun for too long? No worry! You can try Jelly Sweet Soup and Dried Longan (Chè Rau Câu và Nhãn Khô) – one of our amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes – and regain the energy to face off the challenges. With some efforts for preparation & process, you can cook for your family a delicious dessert.
With just 4 easy steps instructed as below, you can enjoy one of our delicious Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Remember to follow the order to successfully make this Rau cau sweet soup & dried longan.


20g of jelly powder (you can find it in Vietnamese supermarket quite easy)
700ml of cold water
130g of alum sugar (đường phèn) – you should write this down to ask the seller
80g of dried longan


Step 1: Wash the dried longan with clean water; soak it in cold water for 2 hours. Clean it again to let the sand goes completely, and then put the dried longan on a basket so that the water can flow down.

Step 2: Pour jelly powder into a stove, add water, and stir it until the powder is all mixed. Cook the mixture with small heat. During this time, you can add sugar and adjust the sweetness to your taste.


Step 3: Pour the jelly mixture into a tray and put it in the fridge to cool off & become gelatinous. After this, you can cut it into small pieces.
Step 4: Boil 300ml of water, add 40g of alum sugar, and wait till the sugar is all melted then add the dried longan into the stove. Cook with high heat and turn off, otherwise, the dried longan would lose its crunchiness. It is a very important note as if you want success this dish – one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.

Finally, you can serve the dish by putting the longan mixture into a glass or bowl; don’t forget to add the jelly pieces with it. Mix it all up and you and your family can enjoy the sweetness and the crunchiness from dried longan and jelly. Vietnamese food team hope you can successfully make one of our stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Good luck to your cooking!

From Vietnamese Food Team.


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