Mung Bean Dumplings Recipe (Bánh Khúc) is one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. There are many types of sticky rice, each of them own special tastes, it is delicious and very attractive. Besides, Mung Bean Dumplings is absolutely attractive and popular, Vietnamese also use this dish in the morning as breakfast, it is also sold by vendors on the pavement, or in dessert restaurants.
Mung Bean Dumplings (Bánh Khúc).
There are 4 steps to cook this cake. For who want to know how to cook this amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, follow us now:


- 100gr Pork (bacon)
- 100-150gr Peeled green beans
- 250-300gr Sticky rice
- 200gr of khuc leaves
- Pepper, maggi’s stuff, spices, fish sauce
- 250gr glutinous flour.


Step 1:

- Glutinous rice soaked 6-7 hours in advance. Then washed, drained and soak with salt or maggi’s stuff.
- Mung beans soaking about 1-2 hours to hatch washed, steamed, when they are still hot, take out and crush them out. Then mix a little spice to mung bean part.

Step 2:

- Sliced ​​pork in small thick, marinated with a little fish sauce and pepper.  Fried pork until cooked.
- Khuc Leaves washed, add them into the blender with little water and grind to become a powder consistency. Do not put too much water on grounding. Add Khuc leaves ground into with glutinous flour, knead them well. At this time, control the powder wet, if more water on Khuc leaves, add the more sticky rice, add more flour if too wet. The mixture is not too dry not too wet, just enough to not sticky.

Step 3- Make fillings - One of important steps to create one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes:

- Make green beans with pork into round balls to moderate. Make into 7 parts.
- Divide the sticky dough into the corresponding section (7), press it into quite thin to wrap outside the mung beans.

Step 4- Steam cake:

- Put the cakes on top and sprinkle with alternating sticky rice cakes to the cake does not stick together.
- Steamed cake for about 30 minutes is cooked, it is ok when check that the sticky rice is soft.

Finally, enjoying khuc cakes, people can feel not only its soft, good-smelling, greasy taste in this popular breakfast. Mung Bean Dumplings is better when be covered in Banana leaf. Besides, you can add roasted sesame if you like on the surface of this cake. Now enjoy this delicious and popular Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Good luck for your cooking.
Selling Bánh Khúc on Streets
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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