Rice Balls with Roasted Pork Filling Sweet Soup (Chè Bột Lọc nhân Thịt Heo Quay) is an interesting dessert if you want to discover new way to enlarge your Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Normally, you would use fruit as filling in sweet soup but roasted pork is something different as it usually used as main dish ingredient. However, a new twist could make a breakthrough and surprise everyone.
This dessert is a unique sweet soup from our ancient capital city (Hue City), every rice balls will be the combination between the rich & salty of roasted pork and sweetness of sugar. Not to mention, the smell of ginger in a cold winter day is breathtaking. It makes an unforgettable feeling for one of our stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.


1 bowl of cassava powder or tapioca
¼ bowl of boiled water
300g roasted pork
1 branch of ginger
Sugar, salt.


Step 1: Dice the roasted pork. Peel the ginger skin off, slice it.

Step 2: Add the roasted pork into pot, add more sliced ginger and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Cook with small heat in 5 – 10 minutes; stir the mixture gently.
Step 3: Pour the cassava powder into a big bowl, add ½ spoon of salt, and mix it up. Gently pour a bowl of boiled water in, mix it together. The mixture now is very hot but you need to use your hand to knead the powder until it is totally smooth and do not stick to your hand. It is very important to do it carefully, otherwise, your rice balls will not look pretty and the powder will not be cooked properly. As a result, our Vietnamese Dessert Recipes will be missing one successful dish.
Step 4: Break the powder in to small balls, press them to flat them. Add the roasted pork in the middle, make it round and don’t let the edge be opened. Continue doing like that to finish all the remaining powder.

Step 5: Pour into a small stove about 2 bowls of water, some ginger and ¼ bowl of sugar, boil it till all the sugar is soluble. Then, add the rice balls with roasted pork in, boil it until the mixture of powder become clear, float on the surface. Now you can adjust the sweet soup with sugar according to your own taste.

Finally, the dish is ready to be served. As mentioned on the above, this dessert is the best choice for a dessert in winter day so serve it when it is still hot to warm up your body. Another dish from Vietnamese Dessert Recipes has been successfully done, now it is your chance to make it at home. Good luck to your cooking!

From Vietnamese Food Team.


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