Maybe you already know about braised pork chop, but do you know that you can use shrimp instead? Today, I will introduce a new way to change flavor for your family meals. It comes from many delicious Vietnamese Dish Recipes. This dish is called Braised Shrimps with Quail Eggs (Tôm Kho Trứng Cút). Eating with boiled rice and hot soup as I usually introduce is the great way. The combination between shrimps and quail eggs is delicious as the traditional braised pork chop with eggs.
So, are you ready to change your boring daily meals with us? When you do want to cook, please follow our instructions below and let us start making one of delicious Vietnamese Dish Recipes together right now.


300g silver shrimps (which lives in rivers, not seas)
10 – 12 quail eggs
Salt, sugar, annatto seed oil, Asian coriander, spring onion, fish sauce and purple onion.


Step 1: Peel off the cover of shrimps, pull out the black line on their backs. Clean into water added a little salt and clean again in fresh water. Wait to dry. Marinate with 1 teaspoon salt + ½ teaspoon pepper. Mix well and wait in 30 minutes.

Step 2: Boil quail eggs in 20 – 30 minutes. Soak into cold water and peel off their cover.
Step 3: This is the first step to create one of delicious Vietnamese Dish Recipes. Heat the annatto seed oil (2 – 3 teaspoons), fry minced purple onion until it is fragrant. Add more shrimps into pan and fry quickly in 3 – 4 minutes. Season with 1 tablespoon fish sauce + 1 tablespoon sugar + 1 tablespoon coconut juice and stir well. Cook until it boils and reduce the heat into small. Continue to cook in 5 minutes.
Step 4: Next, pour quail eggs into pan and stir gently. Continue to cook. Season again to suit your flavor. If you love spicy, you can add 2 – 3 teaspoons chili powder in this step. If water is nearly run out, you should pour more hot water, but not too much.
Step 5: Cook until shrimps, quail egg and the sauce is thick, turn off the heat.
Finally, your dish is ready to serve. Before eating, sprinkle a little sliced spring onion, Asian coriander on face. I suggest you should eat when it is hot. Boiled rice is a best decision to combine with this dish. Hope you love it and do not miss our next other Vietnamese Dish Recipes tomorrow. Good Luck for your Cooking.
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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