Ca Kho (Braised Vietnamese Fish in Clay Pot) will be thought first when mention about family food in Vietnam. This is one of famost Vietnamese fish recipes. It’s not difficult to explain this, the main reason that Vietnam is a country close to the Pacific Ocean, and this is cooked by fresh fishes and fish sauces, so Vietnamese have a traditional of cooking and eating fish long time ago. This dish is the mix of flavors, the salty of fish sauces, the sweet from fishes, and the spicy of peppers.
  • Materials
Ca Kho (Braised Vietnamese fish in clay pot recipe) can be roughly organized into two categories. One is water fish stock, dishes slightly crackers, with plenty of water for use in mud, rice; common sea fish such as tuna, mackerel, mackerel, scads ... and other is dried fish stock, dish is very charming, salty mouth ... After almost exhausted the processing and storage is not dry completely but do not more water; often use the type of freshwater fish such as snakehead fish, Basa fish,  goby, fish rice ... but a few small fish body such as dragonflies, extract, water ... still dry stock. This is the hasrdest choosing part of Vietnamese Fish recipes
  • Spices
Preparation of salt, pepper, fish sauce, sugar, water, coconut water color is sold in overseas markets Vietnam; fresh chilly, onion dry, oil or grease.
  • Process
·        Assign the relative amount of spices to the tuna 500gr or all kinds.
·      Arrange fish on pot; sprinkle the spices on the face of the fish measuring about 50 grams of sugar and sugar with a spoon. This is my secret to cook many Vietnamese Fish recipes
·        Add about tablespoon fish sauce ½ teaspoon pepper
·        1 teaspoon salt
·        20gr onion peel, pounded
·        ½ tablespoons coconut color
·        2 red ripe peppers, about 15 - 20gr, to resources left (does not crack pepper + water 1 tablespoon oil or grease).
·        Cover fish to fish through the first hour or so was involved.
·        While the marinated fish, sugar will draw the fish firm and other spices rather than salt sauce.
·       Coconut water color watercolor effect makes Vietnamese Fish Stock become yellow, if you use more water stock is red-brown and bitter.
Ca Kho (Braised Vietnamese fish in clay pot recipe) eat with rice, vegetables soup. Some people use black soy sauce (dark soy sauce) but the color is not red, but blacker water. This is one of delicious and famous Vietnamese Fish recipes, hope you can wait to the next post. Good luck when cooking this dish.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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