From many familiar Vietnamese Fish Recipes, today I will introduce another stunning dish for you and your family. It is called Fried Cod Fish with Ginger Sauce (Cá Tuyết Sốt Gừng Hành). This dish can make you feel warmer in cold days. Winter is coming soon, right? Moreover, I bet your kids will fall in love with it when using with boiled rice. Enjoy this dish with your beloved family is the perfect way to get closer in Christmas holiday.
Fried Cod Fish with Ginger Sauce (Cá Thu Sốt Gừng)
If you want to cook, please follow instructions below carefully to create one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes from us. Let us do this stunning dish together. In addition, there are only 3 steps for cooking, really save your precious time.


1 cod fillet (300 - 400gr)
Salt and pepper
2 tbs cooking oil
1 small piece of ginger, slice as fibers
1 cloves garlic, sliced ​​thinly
1 chilli, removed seeds and sliced
Scallions, sliced small
1 TBS soy sauce.


Before cooking, I want to remind that you should follow steps below carefully to create one of Vietnamese Fish Recipes more delicious.

Step 1: Divide the cod fillet into 2 or 3 smaller pieces, clean and wait to dry. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on both sides of fish.

Step 2: Heat 1 TBS oil in non-stick pan, fry 2 sides of fish until they turn yellow and crispy. Turn off the heat, put them on plate added paper napkin.
Step 3: Heat the remaining 1 TBS oil, add ginger, garlic, chilli into pan and fry until they are fragrant. Then add soy sauce and stir quickly. Turn off the heat, add more sliced scallion and quickly stir. Next, spread them on 2 sides of fried fish in step 2.
Now, this dish is ready to serve. Lay everything on dish and you can enjoy one of stunning Vietnamese Fish Recipes with many other stunning Vietnamese Dish. This dish is the best way to make your family members gathering together around the table and enjoy a nutrition meal. Hope you like it. Good luck for your cooking and do not miss our recipes tomorrow. Wish you success and appetite.
Fried Cod Fish with Ginger Sauce (Cá Tuyết Sốt Gừng)
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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