If you love cheese and sandwich, I think Cheese Bread Stick (Bánh Mì Phô Mai) which comes from many amazing Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes is really suitable. You can make it for all meals in one day. With this dish, you can eat with any dish you love. Moreover, it is really easy for making. If you are a busy person, this dish can save much time for you.
With many easy ingredients to find, when you are ready, please follow our instructions below carefully and let us start making one of delicious Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes right now.


150g wheat flour
10g milk powder
2g blooming yeast flour
20g sugar
3g salt
1 egg
85g water
Spring onion flour (garlic flour)
Salad sauce + cheese (any cheese you love).


Step 1: Firstly, mix well all ingredients (not include salad sauce) and cover into nylon bag. Wait in 2 – 3 hours. Make sure you mix carefully because here is the important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes.

Step 2: Separate mixture flour in step 1 into many small balls.
Step 3: Roll them into long sticks.

Step 4: Next, add salad sauce which added cheese with proportion 1:1 on face of flour sticks and bring to grill at 180 degree until their faces turn brown yellow.

Finally, you already finish one of stunning Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes for your family and friends. With this dish, it can become a best breakfast so far for all members in family. Eating with chili sauce or ketchup is all perfect. Moreover, you can bring to school or work for lunch meal. I bet you will not regret with this decision. So, are you ready to make it? Good Luck for your Cooking.
From Vietnamese Food Team.


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