There are many delicious Vietnamese Fish Recipes. One of them is Fried Mackerel with Vegetable (Cá Thu Sốt Rau Củ). I usually use this dish with my family in lunch and dinner. You should serve with boiled rice and vegetables soup. Eating when it is still hot will bring an amazing flavour in your mouth. Moreover, bell pepper is really good for your eyes. Trust me, you will not regret about your choice.
Fried Mackerel with Vegetable (Cá Thu Sốt Rau Củ)
So, are you ready to cook one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes like this dish? Please follow our instructions below carefully, and make sure that you will not regret about your decision. Let us cook now.


- 1 - 2 parts of big mackerel
- 1 small onion
- 1 small carrot
- 1/2 green bell pepper
- Vegetable Oil, Salt, pepper
- 1teaspoon chilli powder
- 1 teaspoon butter
- 2 Tablespoon flour / corn starch mixed with  1 table spoon cold water.


Step 1: Mackerel clean, and dry. Sprinkle salt and pepper all sides of fish. Wait 15 minutes to absorb.

Step 2: Onions slice ​​thinly. Peeled carrots cut into sticks. Washed bell pepper, remove seeds, cut into sticks.

You can use Red Bell Pepper as well
Step 3: Heat oil, and fry fish on pan, and set big heat, fish become gold in two sides. Lay fish on dish.
Step 4: Here is the main step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes from us.

- Add oil, fry the carrots in medium heat and add a little salt, when carrots partially cooked, add onions and bell pepper and stir well. When vegetables nearly cooked, add butter, chilli powder to fry quickly. Slowly pour corn-starch / flour and cook until the mixture becomes constant.

Fried Mackerel with Vegetbale (Cá Thu Sốt Rau Củ).
Finally, you finished one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes from us. Winter is coming, create many delicious dishes for your beloved family is the good way to show how much you love them. I bet you will not regret what you choose from this recipe. Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team.

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