This week, I will introduce one wonderful dish from many Vietnamese Noodle Recipes. It is Crab Meat with Vermicelli Soup. This recipe is very famous in Vietnam especially in North Area (Ha Noi). If you have a chance to visit Hanoi, Vietnam, you should not skip this an amazing dish on your journey.
Crab Meat with Vermicelli Soup (Mien Cua)
Moreover it is also easy to cook. Enjoy it in weekends with family or friends is the best choice, especially in winter. So, are you ready to cook one of stunning Vietnamese Noodle Recipes like this dish? There are 4 steps to create one delicious dish, please follow our instructions carefully:


- 100gr pork bone or chicken bone
- 200gr meat of crab
- 100gr Vietnamese steamed pork roll (Cha Lua) - You can find at Vietnamese Markets.
- Vermicelli
- Onion, Scallions
- Fish Sauce, Seasoning
- Pepper, Salt, Oil.


Step 1: Wash the meat of crab. Marinate it about 1hour (Salt, pepper, sugar). Next, wash the pork bone. Add the pork bone into a pot. Add the water over the pork bone into the pot. Boil the water with medium heat to get broth. Remember skim foam to make the water clear. The broth is very important to create one of stunning Vietnamese Noodle Recipes like this dish.
Step 2: Thinly slice onion. Dry the onion until turns gold. Thinly slice the scallions.
Step 3: Slice Vietnamese steamed pork roll to pieces. Then mixture them with salt, sugar pepper and some sliced scallions. Add the meat of crab and 1teaspoon of oil to the pan. Dry the crab meat. Add some sauce and seasoning. When the meat of crab cooked, put meat of crab into a dish.
Step 4: Remove the bone from the broth. Boil the broth. Add the Vietnamese steamed pork roll into the broth. About 3minute, add the dried onion into the broth. Use the other pot, boil the clear water. Soak the vermicelli to boiling water. When, the vermicelli becomes soft, add the vermicelli into a bowl. Organize meat of crab, pepper and sliced scallion on the top. Next, add the broth and Vietnamese steamed pork roll to the bowl.
Crab Meat with Vermicelli Soup (Mien Cua)
Finally, are you agree with us that Crab Meat with Vermicelli Soup is very easy to make? I bet your friends and family will fall in love with this dish. Good Luck and I hope you will have amazing meal. And do not miss our next stunning food from Vietnamese Noodle Recipes tomorrow. See you next time.
Crab Meat with Vermicelli Soup (Mien Cua)
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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    Makarena 2015-02-24 08:11:32 Reply

    So this is Hue Cuisine, I had it before but I didn't know it's call Hue Cuisine. Interesting...The food there deiilfteny looks delicious! The spring roll looks especially tasty! The hotel you and your hubby stayed in must be in a prime location, y

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    Samir 2015-02-24 19:41:11 Reply

    I haven't thought about any Valentine post yet and upon rianedg your first two lines, it made me realized Valentine's day is in a few days... what better way to pay homage to the D day with heart cookies.have a great weekend,malou

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    Elizangela 2015-02-25 10:47:03 Reply

    Hi Phong Hong, not a problem. Very happy that you did get a faastntic mango yoghurt cottony cake. So the recipe and method is workable, then. Do try others...that's what I'll be doing too, only constraint is 'time'. hahaha! :// [url=:

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