Are you getting bored with daily meals? Follow me to make Braised Pork with Pineapple (Thịt Heo Kho Dứa) which comes from many stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes for your family. A little sweet and sour from pineapple when is combined with pork meat will create a fantastic flavor in your mouth. You will not stop eating, trust me, it will happen.
Braised Pork with Pineapple Recipe (Thịt Heo Kho Dứa)
So, are you curious to know about one of stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes like this one? When you do want to cook it, feel free to follow my recipe below and let us start right now, ok?


400g pork meat (half lean half fat pork)
½ pineapple
1 purple onion
Magi’s stuff, fish sauce, pepper, chili
Brown sugar, ½ teaspoon caramel sugar


Step 1: Clean and slice small pork meat. Marinate with a little Magi’s stuff, brown sugar, salt, slice purple onion, mix well and wait in 1 hour. You should choose brown sugar for cooking one of stunning
Vietnamese Pork Recipes because it will more delicious.
Braised Pork with Pineapple Recipe (Thịt Heo Kho Dứa)
Step 2: Peel off the cover, clean, cut off the eyes and slice into small pieces. Heat the oil, add sliced purple onion and fry until it is fragrant. Next, add sliced pork and fry quickly until it is cooked.
Braised Pork with Pineapple Recipe (Thịt Heo Kho Dứa)
Step 3: Then, add more sliced pineapple, cook with large heat, add hot water (1 – 2 tablespoons) and reduce the heat. Cover the pot. Cook about 10 minutes, season again with fish sauce, salt, caramel sugar, taste to suit your flavor. Continue to cook more 10 minutes until its broth becomes thick, and its flavor is sweet and sour.
Braised Pork with Pineapple Recipe (Thịt Heo Kho Dứa)
Finally, one of Vietnamese Pork Recipes is finished. Turn off the heat, sprinkle more pepper and sliced spring onion on face of food. Serving with boiled rice is perfect. Hope you will satisfy with this dish and Good Luck for your Cooking.

From Vietnamese Food Team

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