Soy Bean Custard with Ginger and Coconut syrup is one of familiar and stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. In order to cook this dish, you have to spend many steps. It is not complicated but requires high patience of the cook. Vietnamese usually uses this dessert because the nutritive of both things. As you may know, soya padding is strongly useful for human body, it supply the iron, calcium, and magnesium. Moreover, tofu aid in prevention treatment of some diseases effectively when combined with some spices like gingers and some other food products.
Soy Bean Custard with Ginger and Coconut Syrup (Tau Hu Fa)
Just do some steps for cooking, you will receive a healthy lifestyle for your family. Why do not you try to cook one of Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this dish for your beloved family? Let us do this healthy dish now


Soybeans: 200g
Rice flour: 50g
Gypsum: 1 tsp (You can buy at Vietnamese Market)
Water: 1.5l
Brown sugar: 200g
Water: 200ml
Ginger: half of a small tube
Grated Coconut: 200g
Flour: 2 tablespoon
Salt, Pandanus leaves.


Step 1: Make soy pudding (the most important step to create one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this dish is here so you should follow us step by step)

- Soybean soaks overnight. Next, pour into blender; add a little water and puree.
- Pour on fabric bag, stuffed soybean carefully till the end only dregs in a cloth.
- Add pandanus leaves into the pot boil.

- Dissolve gypsum with little water in other pot.
- Dissolve rice flour with 1 tablespoon water.

- In soy milk cooking time, should stir constantly.

- Wait beans water has boiled lightweight, scoop 1 tablespoon of soya milk film on rice flour, both pouring and stirring the rice flour. (This is to prevent the rice flour on the soya milk boiling, because of fearing of lumping is damaged all).
- Pour rice flour into the milk pot, pouring and stirring, when soya milk boiled, turn off the kitchen.
- Pour soy milk into the gypsum pot, cover pot and cover by a clean towel on the citadel of pot.

- After 2 hours we would have finished soy pudding.
Step 2: Make ginger syrup:
Add sugar on 200ml water and ginger. Constant boiling sugar water without stirring, skim foam, set small heat. Then add some slice gingers on the pot, wait 5 minutes and turn off the stove.

Step 3: Make coconut syrup:

Add grated coconut in 300ml boiling water. Squeeze juice, boil together flour and a little salt.

Finally, you finished an amazing dessert. Picked soya milk film on the surface, if it is very smooth, you ladle them on small bowl, and use with ginger and coconut syrup. How do you think? Is it easy? Moreover, I bet if you have family, your children will love it. Do not miss our next posts about Vietnamese Dessert Recipes on tomorrow. Good Luck for your cooking.
Soy Bean Custard with Ginger and Coconut Syrup (Tau Hu Fa)
From Vietnamese Food Team.

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