There have many Vietnamese Fish Recipes. Last post, I showed you the way how to cook basic Vietnamese Clay Pot Catfish. Today, I will give you another way to cook. And it is Braised Clay Pot Catfish with Ginger. It is really delicious when you eat with hot rice in cold days.

2 slices big Catfish
1 large Ginger
Garlic, Fried Onion, Chili, Spring Onion, Chili Powder, Salt, Fish Sauce, Brown Sugar, Pepper.
2 tea spoons sugar syrup
3 tea spoons olive oil


Step 1: Clean carefully Catfish with a little salt with water. I suggest you should use your hand to clean fish. Next, put them into basket, add 1 tea spoon salt and wait about 15 minutes.
Step 2: Peel the ginger and garlic. Use the white part of spring onion and smash it. You slice the green part of spring onion small.
Step 3: Use 1 part of sliced ginger put into the bottom of pot. Crush the remaining sliced ginger with chili, garlic and fried onion. (Mixture A)
Put ginger at the bottom of pot
Step 4: Put Catfish into pot, add more olive oil, mixture A, smashed white spring onion, 3 tea spoons fish sauces, 2 table spoons brown sugar, 1 tea spoon salt and a little chili powder. Embalm about 30 minutes and cook it with medium heat. When it boils, you decrease to small heat. This process will make Catfish absorbs spices. And also is an important step to create onr of stunning Vietnamese Fish recipes.
Step 5: Sometime, you shake slightly the pot to help Catfish blend with spices. Do not close the lid when cooking. Most Vietnamese Fish recipes about Braised Fish require the same way is not close the lid. You cook about 30 – 40 minutes and then taste it again to suit with your flavor. Turn off the heat and add more sliced spring onion and pepper on the surface of this dish.
To sum up, you can use this dish with hot rice. And this is the most popular family dish in Vietnam, especially in countryside. Most Vietnamese Fish Recipes require Chefs have to get a basic knowledge how to cook Fish, especially braised ones. I hope you will happy with this recipe and good luck you decide to cook this dish for your family and friends.

From Vietnamese Food Team

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